You Can Help

1. Direct a struggling veteran to this web site and encouraging him or her to take advantage of the resource offered here.

2. Donate to The Next Challenge. 15% of the donations will be used to administer this web site, 65% of the donations will go to the Give an Hour program which provides free counseling to veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, and 20% of the donations will go to the Some Gave All: Joey Graves Foundation to support their work with families who have lost their children to war. Please click here to make a donation or contact us for further information.

Thanks To:

I would like to thank all of the veterans who were involved in producing the videos.  They generously donated their time to make this web site a reality.  The veterans helped write the script, did as many takes as was needed, and were an inspiration to the civilians on the set.  Christopher Lovero did a superb job as the Co-director on the set.  He did the lion’s share of the directing.  Everyone showed up with a clear intention to reach out to others that might be facing a challenge similar to one which they had successfully navigated.  So, a special thanks to the veterans who made this site possible: Aundray Rodgers, Tim Kennedy, Christopher Lovero, Rebecca Murga, and Jonathan Scott.

We would also like to thank Kevin and Leianne Graves and Some Gave All: The Joey Graves Foundation for financing the production costs of the videos featured on this site, and providing continued support through the construction of this website.  The site was built with the spirit of a parent's love, and might not have happened if not for Kevin's love of his son Joey, whom he lost in a battle in Iraq.  His involvement in this project was motivated by his desire to help keep other families (even if just one) from suffering the loss of their beloved veteran.  What greater legacy could Joey have than for his memory to continue to be of service to his fellow veterans?

Take Care,

Tom Bieri, MFT

Executive Director,

Community Support Network